Bruce W. Lee (이웅성)

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Hello! I research natural language processing and other fields within the broad scope of artificial intelligence. Our recent research focuses on neural and traditional linguistic features-based approaches in text readability assessment.
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[2023-01-21] Our work at LXPER, Inc., Prompt-based Learning for Text Readability Assessment has been accepted at EACL 2023! It's been a while :)

[2023-01-01] I'm returning to the University of Pennsylvania after miltary service in the Korean Marine Corps.

Selected Publications

Bruce W. Lee, Jason Hyung-Jong Lee. Traditional Readability Formulas Compared for English. ArXiV [link]

Bruce W. Lee, Yoo Sung Jang, Jason Lee. Pushing on Text Readability Assessment: A Transformer Meets Handcrafted Linguistic Features. Proceedings of the 2021 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing [link]